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Hi Nick,

Thank-you for the copy of the letter about Climate change, on which you asked me to comment. The letter was written by John ‘XXX’ to a Newspaper, on an unknown date. As the volume of my comments is greater than originally anticipated I have, not included references to save space. In the event […]

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Note for Paul Gilding

On December 10, 2018 By

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Regarding his paper ‘Why Incumbents Fail’ published in ‘The Cockatoo Chronicles No. 43’


Paul Gilding – Is an Australian by birth who is an Author and Advocate for sustainability and was Head of Greenpeace International. He is Consultant […]

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The author (Delingpole) claims that, Western Governments and climate scientists are parties in a conspiracy to deceive their publics into believing that human activities are causing the planet to warm, when the truth is that the planet is not warming. His attempts to support this claim are rich in hyperbole and short on […]

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I wrote to Professor Carter towards the end of 2011 advising that I had written a review of his book and said that I planned to post it on my web site early in the new-year. I asked whether he would like to write a response which I indicated would be posted concurrently with the review. Professor […]

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AUTHOR: Ian Plimer – Is a Geologist and a professor at the University of Adelaide and is a director of several mining companies. His distinguished career is outlined on the page “About the author”.

REVIEWER: Brian Harrisson


DATE: 30th June, 2011

OUTLINE OF BOOK: The author’s stated aim is to show that an understanding of climate […]

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