I wrote to Professor Carter towards the end of 2011 advising that I had written a review of his book and said that I planned to post it on my web site early in the new-year. I asked whether he would like to write a response which I indicated would be posted concurrently with the review. Professor […]

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AUTHOR: Ian Plimer – Is a Geologist and a professor at the University of Adelaide and is a director of several mining companies. His distinguished career is outlined on the page “About the author”.

REVIEWER: Brian Harrisson


DATE: 30th June, 2011

OUTLINE OF BOOK: The author’s stated aim is to show that an understanding of climate […]

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BOOK: The Transition Handbook, Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2009

AUTHOR: Rob Hopkins – Is an Australian who co-founder of the Transition Networking. He has been a teacher of Permaculture and natural building solutions to environment problems.  He devised the energy descent plan for Kinsale in Ireland and is a publisher. He lives in the UK.


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BOOK: The Great disruption, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London, 2011

AUTHOR: Paul Gilding – Is an Australian by birth who is an Advocate for sustainability, Head Greenpeace International, Consultant to major corporations, Member Cambridge University’s Programme or Sustainability Leadership, Blogger and runs newsletter “the Cockatoo Chronicles”

OVERVIEW: The author’s stated objective is to help alert us to the changes […]

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BOOK: Climate Change Denial, Earthscan, London & Washington, 2011


Dr Haydn Washington – Is an Environment scientist whose PhD was in social ecology. He has been researching climate change since his 1991 book, Ecosolutions.

John Cook – Has a background in physics. He created the web site www.skepticalscience.com that examines arguments about global warming scepticism. His focus […]

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